Analog Photography

As a former art student in fine art photography, I’ve explored various photographic media starting in traditional analog black and white silver gelatin prints, progressing to analog color prints, and finally to digital photography and prints. Below is a collection of some of my work, that often has themes of water, nature, and reflection.

Black and white analog silver gelatin prints using a 35 mm


Cascade Falls, Elyria, Ohio


Snow Field, Oberlin, Ohio

Raining tree_NSwm

Water Fountain, Cleveland, Ohio

reflections of Amsterdam

Oudezijds Voorburgwal, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Route 21 junkyard

Junkyard along Rte 21, Cleveland, Ohio

bricks diptych

Light and angles diptych, Cleveland, Ohio

Slovakian roof tops

Slovakian Rooftops, Bratislava

Digital Photography

Photo collage and multimedia digital prints

The next three digital photograph collages below combine photographs with sketches and plots of ground penetrating radar data from Dr. John Bradford  at the Colorado School of Mines, to portray point-source pollution of groundwater with strong connections to surface water.

cleaner plumes4

Point source pollution from dry cleaning solution

railroad contaminant6 copy

Pentachlorophenol water contamination from railroad ties

H2O5 copy

Watering the lawn

Analog metallic color prints using a 35 mm

Concrete Island, Boise, Idaho

Don’t Fence Me In, Boise, Idaho

Light Pollution, Boise, Idaho

Urban Sprawl

Storm Water, Boise, Idaho

Analog color prints using 120 mm twin-lens reflex camera

A Metallic World

Cutting off Nature

Urban Runoff

Digital photographs through a petrographic microscope